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Build Modular Houses with KODEA Technology

KODEA Homes + Technology + Service

KODEA Microfactory Technology

Are you an entrepreneur looking to enter the housing market or exploring possibilities to scale your current business? Rent the KODEA modular housing manufacturing technology, which produces customizable, affordable modular homes on a scalable basis.

KODEA Microfactory combines pre-designed homes, high-precision automated manufacturing robotics and production support services.

KODEA technology is mobile and scalable, producing customizable modular homes that meet local regulations and tastes. By providing turn-key technology solutions, KODEA makes it easy for entrepreneurs to enter or expand their presence in the housing business. Now available for rent on a Manufacturing-as-a-Service basis.

KODEA manufacturing technology uses high-precision automated robotics to produce sustainable and affordable steel-frame homes. This results in higher efficiency, lower waste, and a significant reduction of carbon footprint. Technology fit for the 21st century. 

Renting KODEA technology is the perfect way for entrepreneurs to enter the housing business and make a positive impact on their communities. Contact us today to learn more and join the future of modular housing.

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KODEA Technology

KODEA Microfactory is provided on a manufacturing-as-a-Service (MaaS) basis. Customers pay per module produced.

KODEA MaaS Contains:

  • Assembly robotics and other manufacturing hardware
  • Modular and scalable production process
  • Continuous upgrades
  • Turn-key factory
  • Product & Process templates included + Support in customization
  • Payment for produced units only
  • Flexibility of relocation or return
  • Time from MaaS contract to production is 6-10 months 

KODEA Microfactory technology is suitable for:

  • Construction companies
  • Property developers
  • Manufacturers interested in advancing in
    industry’s value chain
  • Municipalities
  • Innovative entrepreneurs


Our modular houses are based on the KODEA Steel-Frame, providing precision and durability for construction and flexibility in layout and design.

KODEA Homes are are mass-customizable: 

  • Building types
  • Dimensions
  • Layouts
  • Interior and exterior finishing
  • Materials and structure of:  Wall, Ceiling,  Floor

KODEA buildings are: 

  • Low-rise (up to 6 floors)
  • Hybrid structure of a load-bearing steel-frame and timber
  • Sustainable
  • Customizable to climate, tastes, regulations 

KODEA Modular Housing types: 

  • Tiny houses & ADU
  • Private houses
  • Townhouses & Rowhouses
  • Apartment buildings

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If you’re interested in setting up a KODEA Microfactory Technology in your region, simply fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly

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