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Kodea - Making Homes in a New Way



KODEA is a manufacturer of houses designed for fully automatic production.

Imagine a future where home owning isn’t just for the wealthy, but it is a commodity that everyone can access. We live in a time where owning a home is beginning to be a dream that only a handful can achieve. More and more people are moving from rural areas to the city and the global population is predicted to rise from 7 billion to 10 billion by 2050. The demand for affordable houses is far greater than the supply already.

Our team was brought together three years ago by a mutual desire to mix technology innovation and construction in order to tackle challenges within the housing sector. A few years of prototyping has led to houses designed for fully automatic production and we’re ready to share it with the world.

We believe that everybody should be able to afford a home with no cost to the environment!
KODEA’s mission is to make a shift in construction to the 21st century, with people and nature in the centre of the movement.

Making homes -
Faster, More Accurately, Sustainably,
with Robots





To relieve the global housing problem, new methods of construction are needed. Kodea is developing a smart assembly method that uses robots where needed to deal with lack of experienced builders world-wide and to ramp up productivity for large scale manufacturing. The main difference from regular prefab builders is that they need hundreds of employees to build homes while Kodea needs only a fraction of the workforce. This method enables us to manufacture homes with greater efficiency and lower costs without compromises made in the quality.

One of the biggest shortcomings of prefab production methods is the cost of shipping large volumes across countries and continents. It’s not economically feasible on a large scale to use only one factory for serving the global need for new houses. Therefore, Kodea is developing a prefab housing microfactory that is easy to set up near our customers. Instead of shipping prefab modules, we ship a prefab factory. In this case smaller is better as it needs less space, energy and has the flexibility to be set up in already existing manufacturing or warehouses, eliminating the need for specialized plants to be built. This enables to bring down the initial cost of production build-up and therefore shortening the time for investment.



A home is much more than just a roof over our heads. Home is a shelter that provides us with safety, warmth and the rest that we deserve. Hence we are taking a more holistic approach in product development. Architects are involved from day one to ensure the focus is simultaneously on the homeowner and on the technical side.  Our house environment isn’t only designed for our future residents, but also for our biggest client in mind – the environment. In order to reach the global environmental goals, we plan to build the most advanced and energy efficient homes in the market. Instead of trying to solve all types of buildings with our new production method, we are concentrating on the ones that are in the highest demand on the market and achieve the biggest possible impact. In order to achieve those goals, we are constantly adding more features to further increase the flexibility of our modules, so in the long run it is possible to re-use and upgrade our buildings instead of demolishing them, a future of circular economics of houses.

Terraced house

We dream big but build small. Our terraced house is the first product we are bringing to life. It’s a two story two-bedroom affordable alternative for an apartment that comes with a little garden that encourages its residents to step outside. The first floor is open planned and designed for having conversations in the dining area and in the living room. The second floor can be used for resting and as a home-office. We leave it up to the customers to decide how they want to use their home.

Downsize your home to upgrade your life!


“Going smaller gives room for a bigger life.” – is our team’s motto. This is why on the first apartment development we focused on long term rental building, where functionality comes first. Our research shows that people rent rooms rather than square meters. Our aim was to create very low maintenance and energy efficient buildings for the long term rental sector, with a fine balance between size and affordability. Big enough for our residents to feel cozy, enhancing a simpler living. Living small doesn’t mean our customers have to settle for less. Shared rooms can be added to build a sense of community in the building. 

Smaller home for more fun and experience in your daily life.

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